Laparoscopic liver resection in elderly patients: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Notarnicola M, Felli E, Roselli S, Altomare DF, De Fazio M, de'Angelis N, Piardi T, Acquafredda S, Ammendola M, Verbo A, Pessaux P, Memeo R Abstract Laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) is becoming standard practice, replacing the open approach in terms of safety and feasibility. However, few data are available for the elderly. The objective of [...]

Comparison of Different Nodal Staging in Patients With Locally Advanced Mid-low Rectal Cancer After Long-term Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy

Petrucciani N, Carra MC, Martínez-Pérez A, Vitali GC, Landi F, Genova P, Memeo R, Brunetti F, Espin E, Ris F, De'angelis N; EUMARCS Study Group. BACKGROUND/AIM: The aim of this study was to compare the ability of different lymph nodal staging systems to predict cancer recurrence in a multicenter European series of patients who underwent proctectomy after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer. PATIENTS AND [...]

Short-term outcomes of laparoscopic repeat liver resection after open liver resection: a systematic review

Wakabayashi T, Felli E, Memeo R, Mascagni P, Abe Y, Kitagawa Y, Pessaux P. Abstract BACKGROUND: Laparoscopic repeat liver resection (LRLR) still represents a challenge for surgeons especially in case with previous open liver surgery. The aim of the study is to perform a systematic review of the current literature to investigate the feasibility of LRLR after open liver resection (OLR) [...]

Impact of Conversion from Laparoscopy to Open Surgery in Patients with Right Colon Cancer Conversion in colorectal surgery

Impact of Conversion from Laparoscopy to Open Surgery in Patients with Right Colon Cancer N. PETRUCCIANI, R. MEMEO, P. GENOVA, B. LE ROY, L. COURTOT,T. VORON, R. APRODU, N. TABCHOURI, N. BOU SALEH, A. BERGER, M. OUAISSI, D. PEZET, D. MUTTER, F. BRUNETTI,N. DE’ANGELIS. Abstract Conversion to open surgery is reported in up to 20 per cent of laparoscopic [...]